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Suddenly Windows 

Macintosh is popular among in japanese medical community, but 
majority of medical personnels are using windows systems in USA.  
Exceptions are basic research labs and other schools.  
You may encounter problems if you switch to windows systems without  
japanese fonts/encoding systems.  
The following links may help you to use japanese on internet.  

Netscape International Users Information  
This site is very easy to read and covers integral part of japanization of internet! 
Microsoft Internet Explorer Users Information 

You need to install Add-on software (Global IME 5.0)  
For IE5 Users; Download from the folowing site:  

Other Sharewares & Softwares 

If you don't have time to read above, there are some soft- and share-wares  
which let you read japanese on the web.  
Check following links for more information. 



I used to use AsianViewer; Good for internet beginners.  

KCOMis for word-processing and internet. 

Kanji Kit and OCR are useful for japanese DTP on Windows. 

http://www.academysoft.co.jp/pg_japanese_star/index.html This is a new software. Trial version is free. 

Once you are able to read japanese on the internet, there are more  
references to improve  your japanese environment. Keep working!  

 IBM-Japanese FAQ page by CMU 

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